How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Your Teeth are Extracted?

Posted on: July 2, 2018

Dentures are added to the mouth following extraction of teeth. Though most patients are willing to have dentures placed in their mouth, many are hesitant to commit to the full process at first as it requires a more substantial time commitment. It is not possible to immediately place permanent dentures in the mouth following tooth extraction. The gums and oral tissues need some time to heal before the dentures can be set.

How long is the wait between teeth extraction and denture placement?

The amount of time a patient must wait before dentures are added to the mouth hinges on the type of denture in question. Dentures custom-made for patients typically fit between three and six months after the teeth have been pulled. Waiting this amount of time gives the gum tissue ample time to heal. Furthermore, this waiting period guarantees the dentures will be the ideal fit. There is no reason to worry about your gums during the waiting period. The dentist will provide you with temporary immediate dentures as the gum tissue heals.

Once the tissues are fully healed, the time is right to add dentures to your mouth. In general, it usually takes between six and eight weeks following the tooth extraction for dentures to be placed. However, each patient is unique. Some patients will have to wait more than a couple months while others will find as little as a month of waiting suffices.

A brief look at immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are put in place quickly after the teeth are extracted. The purpose of adding immediate dentures is to preserve the integrity of the mouth as well as the jaw. Once the natural teeth are removed, the jaw bone will start to shrink. Immediate dentures must be either refit or relined. If you opt for immediate dentures as permanent dentures, they will have to be refit multiple times to accommodate the shrinking jaw bone. In many cases, a new denture will still be necessary.

What about patients who decide to have dentures stabilized with the help of dental implants?

Those who elect to use dental implants to stabilize dentures will find the healing period takes between four and six months. This lengthy period is necessary as the titanium screws placed in the gums connect to the jaw bone through a process referred to as osseointegration.

Additional Considerations

The dentist will have to perform a thorough cleaning before any work commences. If you have not been to the dentist in the previous six months, this cleaning will prove extraordinarily time-consuming. The cleaning is particularly necessary for those who seek a partial denture as it will be hooked directly onto the remaining teeth.

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