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Why a Tooth Implant is Superior to a Dental Bridge

Why a Tooth Implant is Superior to a Dental Bridge
Quality Gentle Dental Care
BY Quality Gentle Dental Care

Two common tooth replacement options are a dental bridge and a tooth implant. They have been around for many years, but the newer tooth implant is rising in popularity. This is due to its efficiency and relative ease of implementation.

Here is everything you need to know about dental bridges and tooth implants. As well as why tooth implants are the superior choice to a dental bridge.

A tooth implant or a dental bridge?

What is a tooth implant?

Dental implants are inserted with a screw directly into the jaw bone during oral surgery. A false tooth is then later secured to the screw. Implants can be done for a singular tooth, multiple teeth and even every tooth if needed. Bone is required to be present in order to successfully implant a screw. This means implants are a long-term replacement for missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are applied very differently from tooth implants and do not require a surgical procedure. In order for a dental bridge to be placed, healthy adjacent teeth are required. These healthy teeth are prepared by having the tooth enamel removed until all that remains is very small. False teeth caps are then slipped over the prepped adjacent teeth. The bridge is placed in the middle to replace the missing tooth, then these are cemented in place.

Tooth implant benefits

A tooth implant is a long-term fix for missing teeth, while dental bridges may only last ten years. With a future replacement needed for dental bridges, implants are more cost effective as they can last a lifetime in the right circumstances. As bone deterioration tends to be an advanced form of periodontitis you will more than likely have the required bone for an implant's screw over the required healthy adjacent teeth for dental bridges.

Down-side to dental bridges

An important thing to note with dental bridges is the requirement for adjacent and healthy teeth. This limits a bridge with any sort of tooth replacement. When tooth decay or gum disease is advanced, such healthy teeth are unlikely leaving the dental implant as the best candidate.

It is also difficult to clean, underneath the dental bridge. This increases the risks of gum disease and the decay of the remaining adjacent teeth. If the cause of the missing tooth is gum disease or periodontitis, it will only continue to advance with the dental bridge merely masking the issue. Further treatment of the gum disease would be needed before a dental bridge could successfully be installed.

The location of the dental bridge can also put a strain on the structure of the mouth. This might encourage the deterioration of bone beneath the tooth replacement.

Things to consider

While a tooth implant is a superior option it is important to remember that a healthy jaw bone is needed in order to be a candidate for the dental implant. While restrictive in regards to candidacy, the long-term benefits and permanent application of tooth implants severely outweigh the dental bridge as a better choice.

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