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When Would a Dentist Recommend Dental Crowns for Children?

When Would a Dentist Recommend Dental Crowns for Children?
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Although not everyone likes the idea of getting dental crowns, they are often needed, even for children. Read on to find out when a dentist might recommend crowns for a child. Dental crowns are needed for people that have badly decayed or eroded teeth. Patients with teeth that can no longer be repaired with fillings can typically benefit from getting dental crowns.

Why children might need dental crowns

Based on the condition of a child's teeth, a dentist might suggest that they undergo a dental crown procedure. Parents should know when their child’s tooth might require a dental crown, especially when dealing with dental damage or decay.

Dental crowns are not only for adults; dentists would not prescribe them to patients of all age groups if they were. The following are situations where a child might benefit from getting a dental crown:

Erosion or decay

When there is substantial deterioration or decay on a single tooth or several teeth, dentists recommend that a child get a dental crown placed. Children usually consume lots of sugary foods and drinks, which can cause severe tooth decay over time. Sugars adhere easily to the teeth and potentially attack the enamel if they are not cleaned off after consumption.

As a result, decay develops, and the tooth gradually erodes, creating a cavity. When the decay worsens to a point where a filling would not be enough, the dentist will suggest a dental crown. To avoid decay and degradation, the child should practice good oral hygiene every day.

Crack or chip

Since children are not always cautious when they are young, they tend to suffer tooth damage such as chips and cracks. A child’s tooth can break or chip if they participate in sports or engage in rough play. A chipped or broken tooth could be the result of a blow to the face or lips. Dental crowns are sometimes used to protect a cracked or chipped tooth and restore normal chewing functions.

Why is a dental crown necessary?

Parents may think, “My child’s tooth will eventually fall out. Why protect it with a crown?” When a child’s jaw develops, holes left by teeth extracted prematurely due to deterioration or infection will lead to serious dental problems down the line. The teeth can shift as the jawbone expands without the baby teeth serving as a placeholder for permanent teeth. This movement can trigger overcrowding, misalignment, and the need for orthodontic care in the future. The dental crown is essentially an investment to prevent future unnecessary dental procedures.

Final note

Although children’s teeth are more vulnerable since they are baby teeth, it is also important to keep them in good health. Children with healthy teeth are less likely to need dental crowns, which may be an invasive treatment for younger patients. Please contact our dental office if you have any additional concerns about dental crowns and when they are needed for children.

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