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How Long Is a Dental Bridge Placement Procedure?

How Long Is a Dental Bridge Placement Procedure?
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If you are considering getting a dental bridge, then you are probably wondering how long a dental bridge placement procedure takes. There are several steps involved in placing a dental bridge. Your oral health and where your dentist will place your bridge can factor into the length of time the procedure takes. The number of missing teeth and the part of the mouth the teeth are missing from can also influence how long the dentist needs to place a bridge.

More than one visit to the dentist

The dentist cannot place and complete a dental bridge in one appointment. During the first appointment, the dentist will identify the teeth in the mouth to serve as anchors. This may be only one tooth or multiple teeth. Dentists will recontour the enamel of the teeth serving as anchors for traditional bridges. Maryland bridges may require the dentist to remove very little or no tooth enamel. Finally, the dentist will take impressions of the patient’s teeth to serve as a model for the artificial tooth or teeth of the bridge.

What to expect during the second visit

Most patients received a temporary bridge during the first visit. The dentist will remove the temporary bridge at the second visit and fit the new, permanent bridge. It can take a little time to adjust the fit to ensure the new bridge is comfortable and will not move. In fact, some patients need to follow up a few more times after receiving the permanent dental bridge for minor adjustments. Once the dentist and patient are happy with the fit of the dental bridge, the dentist will cement the bridge in place.

Plan for each visit

For the first and second visits, the dentist may need the patient to be at the office for at least an hour. If the patient is struggling with anxiety or there are fit issues, the visits can take longer. After the first visit to the dentist, the patient must wait at least a week before returning while a lab creates the artificial teeth for the bridge from the impressions. The second visit can take longer than usual if the dentist must make several adjustments to the fit of the bridge.

Preparing for the dental bridge

The patient’s oral health can impact how quickly the dentist can install a bridge. If the patient needs root canals, the patient will need to visit the dentist one or more times before getting the bridge placed. Placing a dental bridge does not require any surgery, but pre-existing oral issues may. The dentist will evaluate the patient and help them plan out a bridge placement schedule.

Getting a dental bridge is a process

There are advantages and disadvantages to every procedure. A dental bridge is a great choice for you if you want to restore your smile, but it will take some time. Plan to visit your dentist several times to prepare for the bridge and to get the bridge. Your dental bridge placement may take longer if you need other dental work or oral surgery. Talk to your dentist to find out if you are a candidate.

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