Metal Free Dental Restoration

Posted on: June 15, 2016


Metal-free dental restorations are the newest trend and innovation in the dental world. A revolutionary, new ceramic-based zirconia is currently taking the dental community by storm because zirconium-based crowns are relatively inexpensive when compared to some of the other materials being used. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, the zirconia-based crowns, placed by Roman Khodosh DDS PC, are as strong and durable as traditional restorations.  If you need to have your dental crowns replaced or are in need of a new dental restoration, call our East Orange, NJ dental office to experience the many benefits of metal-free restorations.

Our East Orange Patients Enjoy the Many Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations

As a 0 dentist, we recommend metal-free dental restorations for several reasons, including –

#1 They are natural looking.

#2 They are amalgam-free and better for your long-term health.

#3 They are durable and affordable.

Metal-Free Fillings Blend in with Your Surrounding Teeth

Metal-free dental fillings are able to match the color of your teeth almost perfectly so that it doesn't look like you have had a filling at all. With the old metal fillings, you always knew when somebody had a filling, because of the ugly gray material on their teeth. The fact is, that the zirconia-based metal-free fillings, provided by our East Orange dentist office, offer the same strength as traditional fillings and yet have superior aesthetics. In addition, there are several studies that show the unsafe nature of metal restorations, which can leak mercury. Metal-free fillings take away any risk of this, which is why we recommend them so highly.

Visit Roman Khodosh DDS PC for Metal-Free Bridges

Dental bridges are typically used to securely replace missing teeth. With the introduction of metal-free bridges, we can provide you with a dental bridge that has a decades-long lifespan while looking natural. With dental bridges that are designed in the traditional manner, the metal often causes a gray appearance at the gum line. However, with the ceramic, zirconia-based restorations, there are no unsightly dark areas, and this helps with the outer appearance, or aesthetics, of the teeth.

Our Dental Crowns Are Also Metal-Free

Dental bridges are made secure by the dental crowns placed on your surrounding teeth.  By ensuring that these crowns are also metal-free, your entire restoration will look natural.  To learn more, visit our 07017 dental office.

Implant-Retained Bridges Are a Secure Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Implant-retained bridges are similar to regular bridges, both of which are used by Roman Khodosh DDS PC to replace missing teeth. However, with implant-retained bridges, we use dental implants to support the dental bridge, rather than the natural teeth. Very often, it is necessary to provide patients with implant-retained bridges due to the remaining teeth either not being strong enough to support the bridge or our patients suffering complete or near-complete tooth loss.  In these situations, dental implants provide a greater level of stability for the bridge.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About Metal-Free Fillings and Metal-Free Bridges

For more information on how you can get metal-free dental restorations in the 07017 area, call (973) 542-7597 or visit our East Orange, NJ office today.

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