Your First Dental Visit Is Important


Your first dental visit is extremely important when it comes to early diagnosis and prevention. This is because if you are visiting the dentist after several years, or for the first time in your life, chances are that you have not gotten your teeth cleaned, had plaque removed, or had your teeth inspected for some time.  As a result, there is a high likelihood of you suffering from some level of decay or gum disease.  

Early Diagnosis and Prevention is as Easy as Scheduling an Appointment with Our 07017 Office

We prefer to examine you twice per year so that we can identify any oral health concerns and treat them right away.  This is an important step in preventing the development of both cavities and disease.

Roman Khodosh DDS PC Will Conduct a Thorough Examination

During your first dental visit our East Orange, NJ office, we will be looking for important things like gum disease, a softness of the teeth, cavities, and areas where periodontal disease may be setting in. By providing you with a comprehensive examination, we can provide you with an early diagnosis that can lead to the prevention of diseases, and fix any problems that have already occurred. If you have not yet had your first dental examination or it has been a long time since you had one, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible by calling (973) 542-7597.

Visiting an East Orange Preventative Dentist is Important for All Ages

Few people realize it, but initial tooth decay can set in as young as two years old for your non-permanent teeth, and in a similar fashion, your permanent teeth can also accumulate plaque that leads to decay within a year of coming in. The best way to combat this from occurring is to bring your children to our dental office on a regular basis as they are growing.  We can identify any sources of weakness in the teeth and can put them on a preventative plan to ensure that their teeth remain plaque free and healthy for as long as possible.

Adults also need to receive regular dental care.  Even if you are one of the many people who take great care with brushing their teeth, brushing them at least twice a day for a minimum of two minutes a session, you will still find that your regular toothbrush is unable to reach all the nooks and crannies of your teeth where plaque can easily build up. Acid in the bacteria on the teeth can soft spots, which ultimately lead to cavities, making it important to visit our office for a professional teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

Roman Khodosh DDS PC Can Detect Initial Tooth Decay Before It Causes a Toothache

During your initial visit to our East Orange, NJ office, our examination will reveal any soft spots.  As a preventative dentist, we can remove this initial decay before it spreads and causes you any discomfort.

We Will Look for Signs of Initial Gum Disease in Our 07017 Dental Office

As a preventative dentist, we know that the best way to ensure that you do not have gum disease or even the signs of initial gum disease is to ensure that you have the proper preventative care and dental support in place. We recommend that you visit our office at least twice a year because an early diagnosis can lead to a more effective and quick resolution.  By catching gum disease early on, we can typically remove it by performing a deep dental cleaning instead of waiting until you need a more invasive gum grafting procedure.  Early detection plays an important role in saving you time, discomfort, and money.

Visit Roman Khodosh DDS PC for Early Diagnosis and Prevention

Schedule your first dental appointment with our East Orange, NJ office by calling (973) 542-7597.

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