Figuring Out if Metal Free Bridges are Right for You

BridgesFiguring out the differences between metal-free implants and traditional bridges is something that might come up when considering your options concerning your missing or otherwise damaged teeth.

The quality of metal-free dental implants has gone up considerably in recent years, and these tend to provide increased comfort and a more natural look. The non-metallic implant options are typically made out of ceramics, specifically zirconium oxide. This substance has a natural white color, which makes it a lot easier for it to blend in with your natural teeth.

That is drastically different from conventional implants which are typically made of titanium. Sometimes, traditional bridges are also made from zirconium oxide or porcelain. These conventional implants are typically fitted by attaching them to nearby teeth or an artificial tooth.

This means perfectly good teeth have to be filed down and crowned so that a bridge can be attached to them.

On the other hand, implants are attached directly to your jawbone, so there is no need to tamper with adjacent teeth. This can also be done with metal-free implants.

You will enjoy a few benefits when you choose non-metal implants over metallic ones.

  • No corrosion
  • Little to no plaque build up
  • A very stable foundation
  • No negative effects on nearby teeth
  • No loss of cells around the jaw bone

How long do metal-free implants last?

Zirconium oxide implants can last an entire lifetime after they have been attached to your jawbone. They do not get corroded by oral fluids and they won't conduct low-level electric charges in your oral cavity. This is a major issue with traditional implants, as this low current weakens metal implants while killing bone cells around them. Over time, this will lead to a weakening of the implant's attachment to your jaw bone until it eventually becomes loose.

Of course, you could decide to go with non-metal dental bridges as an alternative to zirconium oxide implants, but those only last somewhere between 5-10 years. Since adjacent teeth need to be filed down and capped before bridges can be installed, those teeth become more susceptible to decay and fractures due to the loss of enamel.

Are metal-free implants difficult to clean?

Implants, in general, are a lot easier to clean than other alternatives like bridges or dentures. Once the implants are installed, you simply clean them the same way you would clean your natural teeth.

The same can't be said about dentures and bridges which can be quite time-consuming to properly clean. That makes it harder for you to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, and the healthiest option available are non-metal dental implants since these have all of the benefits of metal implants, but none of the negative side effects.

If you are currently trying to figure out the best way to take care of a missing tooth or teeth, schedule an appointment with a dentist so you can go over your options.

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