Why Choose Metal Free Restorations

RestorationsDental technologies take a step in the right direction to healthier treatments since it is now possible to obtain restorations that do not have any metal. Consider the fact that the FDA reports half of the dental amalgam is actually elemental mercury. It is widely known that mercury causes an array of different health issues. According to a document published by the World Health Organization, even minor amounts of mercury can cause major health problems.

A Metal-free Solution

Mercury is even a threat to the proper development of a child in utero. Mercury might also have a toxic effect on the body's nervous, immune and digestive systems. It is also important to note recent research has shown heightened mercury release in amalgam restorations after exposure from electromagnetic fields that devices such as cell phones and MRI equipment generate.

This is precisely why more dentists are making the choice to provide patients with strictly metal-free restorations. It is clear that mercury is bad news for the human body and metal-free restorations are here to help.

The Many Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations

Metal-free restorations look like normal teeth enamel. Even when taking a close look, people will find it difficult to distinguish between regular teeth enamel and the metal-free restoration. This material even reflects light in a completely normal manner so the patient can show off his or her lovely smile in public without reservation.

It is also worth noting that metal-free restorations are extremely durable. Metal-free restorations can last for multiple years with the proper level of oral hygiene and maintenance. In fact, people commonly prefer metal-free restorations over other treatment options since the tooth requires minimal alteration for the metal-free restoration. The healthy support structure remains in place. The materials that we use in the restorations are fully biocompatible.

The body will not reject the biocompatible material in any way. Nor will there be any type of allergic reaction to worry about. When using the materials, it is important that the preparation space does not have any sharp portions. There has to be ample occlusal space for material in order to stop fractures. Zirconia restoration or alumnus restorations are usually selected for darker substrates. We will take the time to ensure everything is set properly in the mouth following the procedure.

Out With the old, in With the New

The days of needing metal in a patient's mouth for a restoration are long gone. The bottom line is metal is unsightly and it can even be considered dangerous due to potential leaks. It is now time to move on and into the future without restorations containing metal. Choose metal free restorations and your mouth will benefit in the short as well as the long-term.

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