What Causes Broken Dentures?

DenturesToday's dentures are made well, function as designed and last longer than expected. Nonetheless, dentures can still break, become loose, become too tight or crack. There are plenty of reasons as to why dentures break. The important step to take is to seek immediate denture repair from a professional. Here is a look at some of the top causes of breaks.

Dentures That no Longer fit Properly

In some instances, dentures simply stop fitting properly. The dentures may become too tight or loose. In the majority of instances, it is not the dentures that change but the shape of the person's mouth that changes. Dentures that no longer fit properly are an issue since loose ones can rub the patient's gums until sores form. These sores can lead to considerable discomfort when wearing the dentures.

Readers are likely wondering why the shape of the mouth changes. When we remove the teeth from the mouth, changes occur within the structure of the jaw and face. The jawbone lacks the dental roots necessary for support. The lack of dental roots causes the jawbone to slowly break down. The structure of the mouth changes as a result

Seek Professional Repairs as Soon as Possible

If the dentures no longer fit properly, do not toss them in the trash and assume that one needs new ones. It might be possible to adjust the dentures for a better fit. Bring the dentures to the dentist for an adjustment and they will almost certainly prove more comfortable.

The adjustment process usually requires a relining of the dentures. The relining process involves the removal of the denture base. We may even need to add putty to the base and will take impressions of the gums. We can make a new denture base from the mold to match the mouth shape.

Dropping Dentures

In some instances, dentures simply fall out at inopportune times and break. Each time one takes the dentures out, there is a risk of a break. People drop dentures more frequently than they will like to admit. The drops often occur on hard floors and empty sinks. This is in spite of the fact that new denture wearers all to sightly fill the sink with water to soften the fall of a dropped denture.

A dropped denture can break through the middle quite easily. This means it breaks at the center from the front on all the way to the back. This shows that though dentures consist of a fairly hard material, they can bend against pressure. If there is an imbalance in pressure, then the denture will break.

General Wear and Tear Over Time

Dentures often fracture due to a buildup of wear and tear. This is a gradual process that occurs over time. After years of use in which the denture undergoes stress cycles of daily wear, pressure from chewing and shifts in temperature, it starts to wear down. Even exposure to acidic foods can wear down a denture.

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