3 Material Options For Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are the most popular way to restore teeth that are in bad shape due to decay, injury or other imperfections. Modern-day dentistry has allowed for the evolution of many different material choices, all of which offer their own pros and cons. Keep reading to learn about three options that general dentists recommend. 

Dental crown materials

Outlined below are three different material options for dental crowns. When considering this restorative procedure, it can be helpful to become familiar with the most popular material choices.

Ceramic and porcelain

The most common dental crown material is ceramic, which also includes porcelain. Ceramic and porcelain are often used together in order to create a strong, reliable and aesthetically pleasing dental crown. The material is white in color, which allows the patient to achieve a natural-appearing restoration. 

Ceramic and porcelain are both known to be very strong materials, especially as they relate to dental crowns. Over the years, they have become the standard choice for restoring teeth. 


Another very reliable material for dental crowns is gold. Gold has been used for years in dentistry as it is known to be the strongest and most reliable material. However, it is not very aesthetically pleasing to the mouth, which is one drawback that a lot of patients take issue with. Those who do not mind the gold color; however, often opt for this material choice due to the reliability and long-lasting results. Most gold dental crowns never have to be replaced, which cannot be said about other materials such as composite resin, porcelain or metal alloys. 

Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns have also become popular in dentistry. They combine metal alloys with porcelain, thus making a strong restoration that appears natural in color. The bottom part of the dental crown is made of metal alloys, which cannot be seen. The top part of the dental crown; however, is made of porcelain, thus appearing white and natural. The advantage of porcelain fused to metal dental crowns is that they appear like real teeth while functioning as a strong and sturdy restoration. 

Long ago, metal alloy dental crowns were the standard due to their strength. However, over the years, many dentists have shied away from the material because it is not aesthetically-pleasing. And, unlike gold, the metal alloy materials last long, but not long enough to justify having a noticeable dental crown. Porcelain fused to metal crowns give patients the reliability that comes with the metal, but the more natural appearance of the porcelain material. 

Find out more from a general dentist

Looking for further information on dental crowns? Talking with a general dentist is the best place to start! Questions and concerns can be addressed, and an evaluation can be done. The evaluation gives the dentist a chance to determine what material option is most suitable. Reach out today to get scheduled for an appointment!

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