What Regular Dental Care From My Dentist Is Necessary?

Regular dental care is necessary as it preserves the integrity of the teeth and gums. Dental visits should be conducted every six months unless otherwise recommended by your dentist. Do not assume regular dental care provided by the dentist merely consists of a superficial cleaning and exam.

There is much more to regular dental checkups. Here is a look at the most important aspects of regular dental care.

What Happens During Dental Visits?

Meet with your dentist for a checkup and he or she will start by inspecting your teeth, gums and other portions of your mouth. This analysis is necessary to identify signs of cavities on or between the teeth. X-rays will likely be taken to pinpoint cavities between your chompers. The exam also involves an inspection of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Plaque is a translucent layer of sticky bacteria.

If plaque remains in place, it will harden to the point that it becomes tartar. People cannot remove tartar with flossing and brushing. By failing to meet with the dentist for a regular 6-month checkup and plaque/tartar will eventually build up on the teeth to the point that oral diseases result. The next step in the dental exam is an analysis of the gums. Gums are checked with a specialized tool that measures the depth of the spaces between the teeth and gums.

What You Need to Know

Healthy gums have shallow spaces. People who have gum disease will have especially deep spaces between the teeth and gums. After analyzing the gums, the dentist will move on to study the condition of your tongue, throat, head, neck and face. If any redness, swelling or signs of cancer are present, the dentist will let you know there is a significant problem that needs immediate attention.

Do not assume you can identify such signs on your own. This analysis requires the trained eye of an experienced dentist. Visit with your dentist at least twice per year and he or she just might catch gum disease in its early stages, provide you with treatment or advice to prevent its progression and prevent a heart problem.

Dental Cleanings

The next portion of the dental checkup is the cleaning. The dentist removes plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth. The dentist might also polish your chompers to boot. Plaque and tartar are a threat beyond the teeth. Both can move down into the gum line and even between the teeth. It does not matter how frequently or thoroughly you brush and floss.

Plaque and tartar will accumulate to the point that they are not removable without the use of professional dental instruments. Skip your dental visit and your plaque will likely advance to the point that it causes gingivitis. The failure to treat gum disease will eventually cause you to lose one or several teeth.

It will become challenging to floss and brush in the proper manner, leading to tooth decay. The buildup of tartar can also cause gums to recede. You can avoid this nightmare by visiting Roman Khodosh DDS PC every six months for professional dental care.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Roman Khodosh DDS PC, request an appointment in our East Orange dental office here: https://www.qualitygentledentalcare.com. Or call us at (973) 542-7597.

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