What Does it Mean if it Hurts When I Bite Down?

Looking for information on why it hurts when you bite down? This can be frustrating when it looks like there is nothing wrong in your mouth yet it still hurts when you bite down on something. Whenever you are experiencing any type of dental issues, it really is essential that you seek professional the services of a professional dentist as soon as possible.

When you wait to have any dental issues you are currently experiencing fixed, then understand that they are only going to get worse over time. When you address any dental issues you have in a timely manner, it is going to be much easier and much faster to properly treat them.

About tooth pain

When someone is experiencing any type of tooth pain, no matter will kind of tooth pain it is, it makes it difficult for them to live their everyday life without experiencing problems. Anytime someone is experiencing oral pain it can easily make it more difficult for them to eat, drink and even talk.

It can be difficult to understand where someone’s tooth pain is originating from. This means making an appointment with a dental professional in order to understand exactly what is going on is highly recommended. Only when the exact dental issue is found can a dental professional to take the necessary measures to fix the tooth pain problem. So don't put it off, because you'll have to live with your mouth forever.

Common reasons for pain when biting down

The following is a list of some of the more common reasons why someone would experience pain when biting down.

1. A cracked tooth

According to the American Dental Association, a cracked tooth can be caused by chewing on hard objects, a blow to the mouth, grinding one’s teeth and experiencing uneven chewing pressure.

2. A loose filling

A loose filling can lead to exposed roots and is one of the more common reasons why someone experiences pain when biting down.

3. Tooth decay

Severe tooth decay means that the health of a tooth is jeopardized. This makes it weak and therefore vulnerable to experiencing pain.

4. Damaged pulp

Damaged pulp often leads to an infection. This makes it essential to remove the damaged or infected pulp quickly so that it does not continue to spread.

Are you currently experiencing pain when biting down?

If you are currently experiencing pain when you bite down, then it is likely due to one of the above reasons. In order for you to know for sure, you will need to make a dental appointment for a thorough evaluation. All of the above reasons can often be treated in only one or two dental appointments. This means the sooner you schedule an appointment the sooner you can be on your way to experiencing no pain when biting down. Know that we are here for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or to make an appointment.

Request an appointment here: https://www.qualitygentledentalcare.com or call Roman Khodosh DDS PC at (973) 542-7597 for an appointment in our East Orange office.

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