What Can One Expect During a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment East Orange, NJ

A root canal is a procedure that a lot of people fear; however, it is often necessary in order to restore a tooth that is in bad shape. Thankfully, modern-day dentistry has allowed for improvements in the way that root canals are performed. The results of these improvements have led to seamless procedures with little to no recovery time. 

Nonetheless, the term "root canal" still often strikes anxiety in those who require the procedure. Knowing what is involved and what to expect beforehand can be helpful. Read on to find out!

Expectations for a root canal

Outlined below are a few things that patients should expect when preparing to undergo a root canal. Reviewing these steps can be quite helpful to someone who is not so sure what the procedure will be like.


To get ready for a root canal, the general dentist will do a couple of things. The first step is to numb the area, which requires a couple of injections into the soft tissues of the mouth. It is necessary to numb the gums and cheek tissues so that there is no pain felt. This part of the process usually takes a few minutes; however, patients do not need to do anything special except relax. 

Another preparation step is to administer nitrous oxide, which helps to keep the patient calm throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas is a popular sedative used in general dentistry. It helps to ease nerves and can be inhaled throughout the entire root canal. 

The procedure

As far as expectations for the actual root canal procedure, patients simply need to relax and keep their mouth open. Because the entire area is numbed, there is not any pain. There may be pressure or strange sounds from the dental drill; however, the actual procedure should not take more than 30-45 minutes. 

The general dentist will use a dental drill to remove any damaged parts of the tooth. Then, the roots are also cleared out as the majority of them are likely infected. Lastly, the tooth will be rinsed out and filled with synthetic dental material to be later capped by a dental crown. 


Once a root canal is complete, patients can rest easy as the hard part has been complete. Afterward, there may be a couple of days required to adjust to the feeling; however, there should not be any serious pain as the roots of the tooth have been removed. The cheek and gums may be tender or sensitive from the numbing injections, which should subside within a day or so. Additionally, the gums around the tooth that was worked on may be sensitive. It is recommended to rinse with salt water and gently brush around the area. 

Find out more

When preparing for a root canal, it can also be helpful to meet with the dentist ahead of time. The dentist can answer any questions or address concerns that may be outstanding. This may help to ease fears or anxieties regarding the procedure. 

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