Types of Restorations Used in Cosmetic Dentistry to Replace Missing Teeth

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Several cosmetic dentistry restorations can be used to replace your missing teeth. Most people lose at least one of their teeth at some point in their lives, and it is not a huge deal. Dentists can easily replace missing teeth with restorations that look and feel natural.

Not replacing missing teeth can have huge consequences. Teeth are responsible for giving jawbone tissues the stimulation that they need to remain healthy. Having one or more missing teeth can lead to a breakdown of these tissues. This can lead to changes to the person's facial structures and the formation of wrinkles around their mouth. Replacing missing teeth when they fall out can help prevent this.

Cosmetic dentistry restorations used to replace missing teeth

Here are restorations used in cosmetic dentistry to replace missing teeth.

1. Implants

Implants are small, screw or rod-like posts that are inserted into jawbone tissues. The implant serves as a base for a restoration like a crown. Implants are normally made out of titanium, which is the strongest metal on the planet. This makes implants extremely durable oral prosthetics that often last the rest of the patient's life.

Implants fuse with the bone tissues around them, anchoring them in place just like bone tissues keep real teeth roots in place. The process is called osseointegration, and it allows the implant to keep the patient's jawbone tissues properly stimulated. It does this by transferring bite forces down to the jaw.

Implants are similar to real teeth, and many people who have them end up forgetting that they have an artificial tooth. It feels and looks like a real tooth, and it does not require special cleaning. Brushing and flossing are all these prosthetics need to remain in good condition. Avoiding things that can damage them, like biting on ice, also helps.

2. Dental bridges

These are part of a less invasive approach to replacing missing teeth, and there is no need for oral surgery as is the case with implants. The two main components that make up dental bridges are artificial teeth called pontics, and the two teeth closest to the gap created by missing teeth are called abutments.

The abutments are typically covered up with crowns to increase their strength. The pontics are attached to these abutments, and they typically cannot be removed once a dentist attaches them to the abutments.

Bridges can also be attached to crowns placed on dental implants. These are often called implant-supported bridges.

3. Dentures

Dentures are the cheapest way to go about replacing missing teeth and they are often recommended to those who have lost most of their real teeth. Dentures replace the look and function of lost teeth, but they do not have the stability that comes with bridges or dentures. This can be addressed by attaching dentures to implants.

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