Treatments Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted on: April 10, 2019

With a full mouth reconstruction procedure, you are rebuilding, restoring or replacing most or all of one's teeth. Full mouth reconstruction involves treatments that address your oral health issues and varies from patient to patient. Your treatment plan could be a combination of both general or restorative dentistry procedures.

This means that your treatment plan could include anything as simple as crowns and veneers to root canal therapy and bone or soft tissue grafting. To find out the proper treatment options for you, make sure to contact a restoration dentist to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Intentions of a full mouth reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction procedure aims to restore optimal oral health and functionality. As well as giving the patient the smile that they have long desired. If you have any sort of dental complication, large or small, you may be eligible for full mouth reconstruction. Teeth that are cracked, broken, decayed or completely missing are completely fine for this procedure.

Those with decayed or broken teeth

For those who have decayed or broken teeth, crowns or bridges may be a great reconstructive option. Both aim for resetting your natural tooth structure and can be great for those with stained teeth. For those who are looking for more permanent solutions, getting restoration options such as veneers or bridges may be in their future. All of these procedures essentially provide the patient with a smile makeover. In addition, this will also improve chewing efficiency in most cases and can be a great bonus for those suffering from TMJ or jaw issues in general.


Braces are also considered a full mouth reconstruction procedure as it helps align most, if not all your teeth all at once. Braces generally take months or even years to complete. They can also help align any biting or chewing issues the patient might have.

Due to advanced technology, there are also braces that are placed on the back of the teeth. These can be great for those who are struggling with the idea of public scrutiny and being made fun of. These types of braces include Invisalign which is immensely popular for teens who still want straighter teeth but fear the public stigma that braces often come with.

Grafting treatment options

If your gums are receding, you may want to consider a gum tissue graft. Not only can this procedure keep your teeth from further gum damage, but it will also help the appearance of your teeth. Bone grafting is also a popular option for those who want to optimize their gums after receiving dental implant crowns. This procedure creates new bone volume in any deficient bone sites and can provide socket preservation to prevent any additional bone loss. Eventually, the transmitted soft tissue will be replaced by your own natural tissue to help support the foundations for your new teeth.

In conclusion

As noted earlier, getting a full mouth reconstruction procedure can vary on severity and treatment plans from patient to patient. Make sure to consult with a specialist and research on the appropriate treatment that would be best for your teeth and oral longevity.

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