Throbbing Tooth Pain

Throbbing tooth pain is a fascinating condition. Over 2000 years ago, Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle suggested that the throbbing pain is connected to the heartbeat, and no one challenged that theory...until recently.

A team of researchers at the University of Florida examined the heart rate of patients with throbbing tooth pain to ascertain the connection. They found no linkage, but what they found, however, is that the throbbing pain is associated with the action of alpha waves in the brain.

There is little information about alpha waves, yet they seem to have a vital role in how we deal with the world. Working similarly to the radio, alpha waves function as the signal carrier that enables internal communications within the brain. This means scientists cannot precisely explain the reason for throbbing tooth pain, just that it happens.

What causes throbbing tooth pain?

Pain is an essential tool to warn us if something goes wrong before it worsens. For instance, if you touch a hot lid with your finger, it triggers pain receptors in the hand to release chemicals that transmit a code to the area of the brain that notes pain. This area sends a message to your hand within microseconds, prompting you to remove your fingers.

If you are feeling throbbing tooth pain, it is simply a signal that something is wrong somewhere and needs a solution. Tooth pain is not always throbbing. Some tooth issues could come with acute, stabbing pain, and some may cause dull aches. Tooth pain can be intermittent or persistent and unyielding to pain relievers.

Throbbing tooth pain is usually a result of inflammation in the tooth or the gums caused by:

•    Infection of the tooth pulp

•    Infection of the gums

•    Sinus infection

•    Fractured or chipped teeth

•    Damaged dental crown or filling

Regardless of the form of the pain—sharp or dull—your brain is informing you of a defect that needs correction.

How to alleviate throbbing tooth pain

During night time, throbbing pain could worsen. Few home remedies such as ice treatment, over-the-counter painkillers and dousing with salt water help with the pain. The following suggestions could help relieve the pain at night:

  • When sleeping, support your head with two or three pillows to minimize the rate of blood flow to the pain source.
  • Floss regularly, especially before bedtime, to free your teeth of any food debris that could cause pressure and pain in the area.
  • After flossing, rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Placing a warm tea bag on the source of the pain may help alleviate the pain and offer some respite

What is the takeaway here?

Getting a significant respite from throbbing tooth pain is vital, but it is more critical to address the cause of the pain to make the relief permanent. Reach out to a dentist immediately if you begin to feel pain in your teeth or gums. Tooth pain is usually a sign to inform you that there is an urgent issue that needs a solution.

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