Cosmetic Dentistry for a Chipped Tooth

Cosmetic Dentistry East Orange, NJ

Cosmetic dentistry can be the right solution to revive your smile. With various treatments from a cosmetic dentist, you can also once again have the full, healthy use of your mouth. There are various options to take care of different problems. As you learn about the different treatments available, you can decide which one makes the most sense. This is true even for chipped teeth. This issue can affect the way you look and can become a more significant concern without treatment.

What cosmetic dentistry does

A cosmetic dentist is concerned about the appearance of a tooth. This includes its size, shape, and color. People who have a chipped tooth can seek help from a cosmetic dentist, who can then recommend an appropriate treatment. A cosmetic dentist has the knowledge and training to improve the aesthetics of a tooth to meet a patient’s needs and preferences. This dentist may work with the general dentist and will conduct follow-up exams as well.

Fillings and bonding

For small chips, a dental filling could be what cosmetic dentistry professionals suggest. The filling will usually be made of porcelain or ceramic, so it will match the color of the tooth. The dentist will use the filling to build up the chipped area, making the tooth appear whole again. Sometimes, the dentist may not even need to numb the patient to do this procedure. After applying the filling material, the dentist will smooth the tooth and polish it.


Front teeth commonly chip due to the person biting into a hard object or suffering a blow to the face. Veneers are a good treatment for these types of blemishes. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that attaches to the front of the tooth. It can cover chips and restore the proper shape of the tooth. The veneer can come in the desired color shade and size as well. The dentist bonds using dental cement, first removing enamel and etching the tooth so that it attaches effectively.


For larger chips, a different solution may be necessary. Cosmetic dentistry may recommend a crown to repair this damage. A crown goes over the entire tooth, providing stability and strength. It can prevent further damage. A crown is natural-looking and can withstand strong bite forces.

To place a crown, the dentist must first take X-rays and make impressions. A technician makes the crown in a lab, while the dentist prepares the tooth by reshaping it. Before the permanent crown is ready, the dentist may place a temporary one. It usually takes a few weeks for the crown to be ready for the affected tooth.

Choose the right solution for your new smile

A chipped tooth can be a nuisance and an embarrassment. You may also cause further damage to the tooth, resulting in a fracture or even tooth loss. You should use cosmetic dentistry to repair this problem. Fortunately, there are various options you can discuss with your dentist to restore your smile. Visit the dentist’s office today so you can decide which treatment makes the most sense.

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