A Few Things About a Dental Checkup

Posted on: February 16, 2019

Wanting information on what is involved with a dental checkup? Many people like to be prepared when making a dental appointment. Thus, understanding what is involved with a dental checkup allows for this preparation.

Some patients experience a little dental anxiety or fear when going to a dental office. If you do, then all you need to do is call and let them know so they can accommodate your needs. It is important not to let your dental anxiety keep you from the dentist because checkups are important not only for cleaning but to find any problems early.

Does a dental checkup include cleaning?

Yes, a dental checkup includes a dental cleaning. Professional cleaning of the teeth helps to remove any plaque buildup as well as any existing tartar that can damage the teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is necessary for good dental health, but a cleaning provided by dental professionals is ideal when it comes to having really clean teeth. There are different types of dental cleanings available. They type you receive is dependent on the current health of a dental patient’s mouth.

The types of professional dental cleanings made when a patient schedules a checkup include a routine cleaning and a deep cleaning. A dental professional will often use special dental instruments to clean their patients' teeth. While some choose to use an ultrasonic scaler for patients who are in need of a deep cleaning.

What a dental checkup also includes

  1. The first thing that a patient can expect to happen during a dental checkup is getting X-ray. This allows a dental professional to check for cavities, changes in bone density and any abnormalities that may be apparent in a patient's root or bone structure
  2. Next, a thorough examination of the mouth will be performed. This allows a dental professional to look for any issues that could be causing issues with the patient's oral health. These problems can include gum disease and oral cancer. If any issues like cavities are found, then a dental treatment plan will be made to address the issues. If the dental professional has any advice for the patient that allows them to be in better oral health, then they will share their advice with the patient at this time
  3. After a full mouth examination is usually when a dental cleaning is performed.
  4. After the dental cleaning, the teeth will then be polished. This allows them to feel super clean and smooth

Is it time for you to schedule your next dental checkup?

Are you ready to schedule your next dental checkup so you can have your teeth professionally cleaned? As stated in the information above, it is essential for you to make regular dental checkup appointments so you can have your teeth cleaned by a dental professional. A thorough dental cleaning supports your oral health and that is why it is recommended for you to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. 

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