A Cosmetic Dentist Offers Tooth Restoration Options

Cosmetic Dentist East Orange, NJ

A cosmetic dentist is a great resource when looking to restore teeth that are in bad shape. Even those with the best oral hygiene routines may struggle to control the health and appearance of their teeth. Over time, wear and tear occurs, which results in the need for restorative care. Restorative dental care may include several procedures, depending on the desired outcome. Continue reading to learn more about what a cosmetic dentist has to offer when it comes to tooth restoration. 

Restoration options from a cosmetic dentist

Outlined below are a few tooth restoration procedures that a cosmetic dentist offers. Review this information when looking into the existing options.

Dental veneers

A common tooth restoration procedure that a cosmetic dentist performs is the placement of dental veneers. These thin shells go over the front teeth to address damages or imperfections. They can be used for tooth decay treatment, as well as cosmetic problems, such as stains, chips, cracks, or even shape issues. Veneers do have to be custom-made in a dental lab, which means a couple of appointments will be necessary to complete the restoration. 


A common restorative procedure that cosmetic dentists perform is dental bonding. Having a tooth bonded means the dentist will remove any damaged parts, apply a composite resin to the entire tooth, smooth out the resin, and then cure it with a light. Dental bonding is ideal for front teeth that have suffered minor damage, such as low-level cavities, chips, or cracks. The procedure can restore the tooth in just one appointment.

Dental crowns

Cosmetic dentists may recommend dental crowns for a number of problems, as they are versatile restorations. They can be used to address tooth decay, cracks, chips, and many other imperfections. Crowns are unique in that they completely cover the molar teeth. Any damage that existed is first eliminated, and the tooth is then capped with the crown, preventing any future problems from occurring. Just like with veneers, dental crowns have to be created in a lab, which means at least two appointments with the cosmetic dentist. 

Inlays and onlays

Other types of restorations that a cosmetic dentist offers is inlays and onlays, both of which can address imperfections or damage in the teeth. Inlays are similar to dental fillings in that they address tiny amounts of decay on a tooth. They are pre-molded outside of the oral cavity and then placed into the grooves. Onlays, on the other hand, are placed on the biting surfaces of molar teeth. 

Find out more from a cosmetic dentist

The restorative procedures listed above can all significantly improve the appearance and health of damaged teeth. To find out more about what is entailed, it is best to consult with a cosmetic dentist directly. An evaluation can be done to determine what type of restoration is most suitable. From there, any questions or concerns can also be addressed. Reach out today to get scheduled for an appointment!

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