What Is a Dental Implant Crown?

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A dental crown is a great way to restore your smile and oral health after a tooth becomes severely damaged or lost. This is different from a traditional crown, which involves strengthening and protecting an existing natural tooth. The following review highlights what a dental implant crown is and when it might be recommended.

Reviewing the role of a dental implant crown in dentistry

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, then the best course of action may be to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant crown, rather than try to restore the tooth with a traditional dental crown. There are also alternative options that may work.

A dental implant crown explained

This dental restoration involves the placement of a dental implant into the jawbone to serve as the support for the crown. The titanium implant then fuses with the bone. After this occurs, which typically takes several months, a follow-up procedure is scheduled to place the abutment and dental crown, completing the restoration. A bone graft procedure may also be necessary if bone loss occurred before the placement of the implant.

The pros and cons

Many dentists consider a dental implant crown to be the best long-term solution for tooth loss. The restoration looks natural, allows the patient to eat as they desire, and can last for more than 20 years with proper care. The drawbacks to a dental implant crown, however, are that it costs more than alternative solutions (and more than a traditional crown) and requires a longer and more extensive treatment process. 

Dental implant crown vs. traditional crown

A dental implant crown is often confused with a traditional dental crown, but both are used for different purposes and involve different treatment processes. A dental implant crown is used to replace a missing tooth. A dental crown is placed over an existing tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage. 

When a dental implant crown is recommended

A dental implant crown is typically recommended for single tooth replacement. It is not an option for multiple teeth replacement. In this case, the patient would need a dental implant-supported partial or complete denture. Since the process for a dental implant crown is more extensive than alternative teeth replacement solutions, the patient should also be in good oral and general health. Alternative solutions to a dental implant crown include a fixed bridge or a partial removable denture. 

A dental implant crown is a durable teeth replacement solution

We offer dental implant crowns for patients with a severely damaged or missing tooth. We also provide dental implant bridges and dentures for multiple teeth replacement. To learn more about dental implant crowns and other restorative treatment solutions, call our practice to schedule a visit.

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