Tips To Protect Dental Fillings

Tips To Protect Dental Fillings

Once your dental fillings are in place, your thoughts will likely turn to what can be done to keep your newly-restored teeth in tip-top shape. Take good care of your dental fillings, and they will last upwards of a decade or longer. It will also help to visit with the dentist to ensure your fillings are standing the test of time. Here is a look at everything else you can do to keep your fillings looking and functioning as they should.

Refrain From Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding or clenching your teeth is one of the worst things you can do for your dental fillings. If you grind your teeth while sleeping or out of habit throughout the day, you will gradually wear down the surface of your teeth. This gradual wear and tear will eventually crack or chip your fillings.

Be Careful When Chewing

If you bite too hard when eating, you might damage your filling. Refrain from eating items that are overly-hard or require physical strain when chewing. Do not lose sight of the fact that your dental filling can only withstand so much pressure. Go easy when eating and to protect your fillings.

Avoid Super-hot and Cold Foods and Beverages

Even if you do not have a single dental filling in your mouth, it is still a good idea to avoid hot and cold beverages or food. Wait until these items reach room temperature or are close to a reasonable temperature before digging in. Otherwise, the extreme heat or cold from the beverage or food in question will disturb the bond of the dental fillings. The fillings are bonded to the teeth. The bonding process takes upwards of a full day or longer. Do not consume hot or cold foods or beverages during this period.

Clean Your Teeth to Protect Your Fillings

Floss and brush your teeth every single day, especially after meals. Flossing and brushing will help maintain the health and look of your fillings, gums, teeth, and other dental restorations. Maintain a clean environment in your mouth, and it will make it that much easier to keep your fillings stain-free and in proper condition. Limit your consumption of wine, coffee, tea, berries and other foods or beverages that are dark in hue as they can stain your fillings as well as your natural teeth that have not been filled.

Put a Stop to Those Bad Habits

Using your teeth to open things, hold things or do anything else but chew food is a mistake. Furthermore, you should not bite your nails. Do not do anything that has the potential to damage your fillings. Cut out all of the bad habits that have the potential to sabotage your oral health, clean your teeth with consistency and meet with your dentist two times per year. These visits give your dentist a chance to analyze your fillings and help keep your mouth in the best possible condition.
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