Taking Care of Your Dental Veneers

Dental VeneersDental veneers are revered by dentists and patients alike as they create a beautiful smile full of straight teeth. This oral health solution will remain effective as long as you provide the proper care. Follow the dental veneer care guidelines explained below and your veneers will serve you well as the months and years go by.

Dental Veneers Require Cleaning Just Like Regular Teeth

Veneers can accumulate plaque and tartar just like normal teeth. This is precisely why you must maintain your oral hygiene. Floss your teeth at least once per day. Brush two times per day at a minimum. Adhere to a schedule of bi-annual oral health evaluations and cleanings at the dentist's office. The assistance of your dentist will prove essential to keeping your dental veneers in tip-top shape across posterity.

Have Your Veneers Polished

Your dental veneers should be polished by a cosmetic dentist from time to time. In general, most dentists advise a dental veneer polishing every three or four months. Do not attempt to polish your own dental veneers with a DIY (do it yourself) at-home project. Let an experienced dentist tackle this challenge with a highly specialized polishing solution as well as polishing equipment. This is the professional and precise approach necessary to ensure your dental veneers receive a full clean.

Avoid Chewing on Hard Items

Chewing on hard foods, ice and objects like pen caps will damage your dental veneers. Even biting your nails can damage your dental veneers. Avoid chewing such items and your dental veneers won't be subjected to damage.

Protect Your Dental Veneers When Participating in Contact Sports

If you play sports or engage in another contact activity, the integrity of your teeth will be at risk. Wear some form of protection when engaging in these risky activities, be it a mouth guard or another device that will keep your dental veneers in elite condition. Any activity from hockey to football, basketball or racquetball puts your dental veneers at risk.

Do Not Subject Your Teeth to Substances That Stain

Porcelain veneers are naturally stain-resistant. However, your tooth structure is not stain-resistant. Your smile won't look its best unless you avoid foods, beverages and other items that cause stains. Anything from berries to red wine, soda pop, tea, coffee, and cigarettes can cause ugly stains. Though uncommon it is possible for dental veneers to be stained after five years of use. This staining tends to occur around the tooth edges.

Put an end to Teeth Grinding

A surprising number of people grind their teeth. A considerable portion of these people have no idea this grinding is happening. Grinding should be taken seriously as it can damage the porcelain veneers as well as the normal teeth and even the jaw joint. If your dentist states you grind your teeth or if you suspect you might be a nighttime grinder, your dental veneers are at risk. Meet with your dentist so you can be fitted with a protective nighttime mouth guard.

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