Do I Need a Root Canal?

Do I Need A Root Canal East Orange, NJ

Do you think you might need a root canal? Some specific oral health and dental issues require more work to be fixed than others. However, no matter how well a person takes care of their teeth, there is always a chance that some things can go astray.

One of those things can be an issue that has gotten worse and may eventually require the use of a root canal treatment. A root canal is a commonly performed procedure. Read on to learn more about root canals as well as what signs may indicate that you need a root canal treatment.

When is a root canal needed?

The main reason that someone would need a root canal is that they have a tooth that has extensive tooth decay. Eventually, once the very tender pulp (which is the tissue that is inside the tooth) becomes infected and inflamed, the time has come for a treatment plan to be set in place.

Cleaning and preparation will ensure that the tooth is ready for the root canal treatment. Patients typically find relief from their dental pain after the root canal has been performed.

Benefits of getting a root canal treatment

One thing that has been greatly dramatized by movies and television shows is any pain that goes along with a root canal. However, most people are shocked to find out that the treatment is actually usually pain-free and one of the most common dental procedures performed by dental professionals every day.

A benefit of root canals is that they are typically very cost-effective. Although it is generally affordable, that does not mean that the procedure is not as effective as others. In fact, it is still the go-to procedure for fixing dental issues that have reached the pulp of the tooth.

Another benefit of having a root canal is that the visual appeal is much better than with other options. The infected and decayed tissue inside the tooth is completely removed and then the remaining cavity is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent re-infection. Typically, a dental crown will be placed on the formerly infected tooth, which is one of the most natural-looking dental restorations available.

A general dentist's goal is to ensure and attempt to always keep the original structure of a person’s teeth. This is done by completing the needed procedures, checking for trouble spots, and continually advising the patient on what to do. A root canal gives that opportunity, as well. Although there is a lot of removal during the procedure, it does keep the natural original tooth structure in place and in good health. Because root canals work in this manner, this is another reason that dentists typically suggest this simple yet extremely effective dental procedure.

Do you currently need root canal therapy?

Have additional questions about root canal treatments? Give us a call and we can guide you in making the best decisions for your oral health.

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