10 Useful Tips to Help Prepare for a Dental Procedure

Getting a dental procedure? No need to worry.

Dental procedures range from the 30-minute lunchtime dentist's appointment to intensive oral surgery. In all cases, preparation makes dental procedures easier and improves the outcome. Every type of dental treatment needs some kind of preparation on the part of the patient. Here are a few ways you can help your dental procedure go well.

Preparing for a dental procedure

1. Have dental (and maybe medical) records ready

If a person is seeing a new dentist, they should make sure their records reach the dentist. This includes any recent X-rays. This will help the dentist evaluate the person properly and come up with an optimal treatment plan.

2. Get an evaluation and ask questions

A good dentist will do an extensive dental exam to find out which procedure will best help the patient. When choosing a treatment, the dentist will factor in the oral and overall health of the patient. For example, dental implants may not be recommended for a diabetic.

After the dentist comes up with a course of treatment, a person should take the opportunity to learn about the dental procedure. They should:

  • Ask about the steps of the procedure
  • Ask how the dentist will numb the tooth and whether local or general anesthetic will be used
  • Learn what preparations will need to be made before the process
  • Learn what to do and what not to do before after the procedure

Armed with this knowledge, a person will show up prepared on the day of the procedure.

3. Take any medication the dentist prescribes

For people who have weak immune systems, the dentist will prescribe a course of antibiotics to be taken before and after the procedure. The antibiotics will protect the body from the risk of infection that comes with dental procedures.

4. Avoid eating if requested

If a general anesthetic is to be used in an oral surgery, the dentist will instruct the patient to stop eating 12 hours before the procedure.

5. Have soft foods and medication in the home

After an oral procedure, a person should go home and rest, not run errands. Also, have all the necessary after-care medication waiting at home.

6. Have the household chores taken care of

Rest helps the gums to heal after a dental procedure, and that means taking it easy once the patient gets home. Have meals prepared beforehand or arrange for help and childcare for a day or two.

7. Arrange for transportation to and from the hospital

Because of the anesthetic, a person will not be able to drive themselves home.

8. Get there early

There may be paperwork waiting at the dentist's office. Get there in time to complete it, as well as do some mental preparation.

9. Have the teeth professionally cleaned before teeth whitening

To make sure that the teeth are whitened evenly, have a dentist or dental hygienist clean the teeth to remove surface stains, plaque or tartar.

10. Postpone the appointment when ill

Even a little problem like constant sneezing can make an oral procedure difficult or even dangerous. If a person falls sick, they should put off the procedure until they recover.

Preparation makes life easy

That is what the boy scouts say, and it just so happens to be true. So, make all the necessary preparations and walk into the dentist's office with only your procedure to worry about. Contact one of our dentists if you need a dental procedure performed.

Let's get started …

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